As a group of experts we deliver comprehensive solutions that make us key partner in long-term brand development.


  • dedicated applications, websites and e-commerce,
  • hosting and technical support of created solutions,
  • SEO/SEM strategies.

Public Relations

  • insights, long-term trends and brand’s DNA,
  • strategies of brand’s image, brand’s communication and brand’s development,
  • cooperation with experts and journalists,
  • media and sales events (pressday, fairs, pop-up store),
  • brand management,
  • introducing products and brands on polish market,
  • concepts and special projects.


  • consistent brand’s image (visual identification, website, printed and commercial materials),
  • Art Direction of photo sessions and brand’s image movies.

Social Media/e-PR

  • strategies of communication and online activities,
  • managing social media profiles,
  • long-term relations with recipients,
  • commercial campaigns,
  • cooperation with influencers (bloggers and vloggers).